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Welcome to Dare Akanro Farms We are driven by excelllence and a strong sense of responsibility. We believe in turning challenges into success stories and we don't take NO for an answer. This has motivated and inspired our journey from the beginning. Dare Akanro Farms was founded out of curiosity and desire to help and improve the standard of living of mankind

What We Do

Here at Dare Akanro Farms, we are dedicated to creating enabling environment, more skilled and valuable workforce. To do this Dare Akanro Farms provides essential agricultural goods and services that can enhance agricultural practices and improve living standard. Here below, are our products and services:
✓ Maize grains
✓ Cocoa beans
✓ Palm oil
✓ Rice grains
✓ Hiring of farm machinery (plough, harrow, ridger, planters, sprayers, haulage and more)
✓ Provision of agro-chemicals
✓ Fertilizers
✓ Improved seeds
✓ Plantain chips
✓ Farm fresh
✓ Post-harvest and processing machines (thresher, milker, dryer etc) and Many More.

100% Organic Fram Products

Our Top notch farm products is 100% Organic

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